Carpenders Park Church - Caring and Sharing in the Community

Carpenders Park Church, or CPC for short, has been around for over 25 years on the Carpenders Park estate and has been meeting regularly in the School Hall at St Meryl School.

Our association with the School has been historic, in that many of the children who have attended the school in the past, are now grown adults and many are parents with children attending the school and also are members of the Church. CPC and St Meryl School share a very happy partnership and work together in many ways.

The Church family has grown from a very real need on the estate for Christians to meet on a regular basis and be built up and nourished in their faith. This need became a reality in 1984 and the first meetings got under way. The rest, as they say, is history!

We seek to be a 'Caring and Sharing' Church in our Community. All our meetings and activities are open to the Community and we have many members who are pleased just to be part of the week end activities, whilst others are motivated to enter into the full, corporate life of the church and continue to contribute in many wonderful ways.

Our Church is administered and run by a group of 'home grown' leaders who willingly dedicate themselves for the good of the Church and Community at large. You can see their profiles in the leadership section of this site.

We have always had a reputation for being a 'friendly bunch of people' who have got involved with our Community over the years. It is our aim to be 'available' for people and to offer our skills and resources for the good of everyone.

CPC is made up of young and active toddlers, right up to mature, senior citizens (just as active!). We're also ethnically diverse, drawing in Chinese, Indian, Sri Lankan, Nigerian, Swiss, Greek, Slovakian, Italian and Dutch, just to name a few.

Please feel free to drop in on a Sunday. We'll guarantee you a warm welcome and a friendly cup of tea before and after the service.






Carpenders Park Church is a charity registered in England and Wales (Number 294977).